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Travelers, the ultimate gamers

The Travelers are beings of unfathomable power. But, when you're virtually all-powerful, it's easy to become bored. To fill there time, they played games and made wagers.

The Fates are also beings of immense power, but they were nothing compared to the Travelers. At some point eons ago, the Fates became slaves to the Travelers - at least, that's the way they saw it. Through the ages the Fates performed whatever duties the Travelers deemed necessary. In most cases, the Fates were relegated to referee the Traveler's games. The Traveler's were notorious cheaters, seeking any advantage they could to win at whatever game they played. This is how the Fates foresaw their undoing ...

Cohorts Game System

The Cohorts Game System is a rules-based game system designed to allow for the creation of turn based strategy games of any genre.

Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors is the first of the games to be created.



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