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A Hut in the Woods

A Priest of Titan Story

An epic tale of Kit Standing Bear, an orphaned teen torn between her desire for discovery and the so-called prophecy in which she will play a key role. 


Told in the second person, where you will take on the persona of the hero, A Hut in the Woods is a fast-paced adventure set in the fantasy world of Orth, where the only thing more powerful than magic is a young girl’s willingness to stand against tyranny.

Torn from the pages of Norfolk Warriors, A Hut in the Woods takes the reader through one of the quest’s many available paths.

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Cohorts Game System

The Cohorts Game System is a rules-based game system designed to allow for the creation of turn based strategy games of any genre.

Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors is the first of the games to be created.



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