Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors

Norfolk Warriors is the first of 7 modules in the Veil of Entropy game world.

You begin the game in the northern reaches of Eastern Continent with 5 characters.  Players can choose the Race, Class and Religion of each of these characters.



Nomad Humans

The Norfolk, as they are often referred to, are any of the dwellers living north of the Great Eastern Forest.

The Nomad Humans were peaceful tribe that lived in the Saskabellon plains until they were forced from their lands by Arcanus Illum.  They were given the choice to join, leave or die.  Rather than face extinction, they took what little belongings they had and started the trek north.

They tried to make a new home near the Great Eastern Forest, but the Elves would have none of that.  The Elves gave them even fewer choices; leave or die.

When their migration took them to the Mellandille Mountains they were greeted with warmth and hospitality by the diminutive Berrat and the towering Gigas.  


The Berrat are tiny humanoids with natural shape-shifting abilities.  They have a natural affinity with the north and have the capability of capturing the spirit of many northern creatures.  They can shape-shift to any animal they have attuned themselves to.

Curious and peaceful by nature, the Berrat lived a quiet, peaceful life with their giant neighbors.  During each 'Cycle', when the civilizations of the lands were being annihilated, the Berrat and Gigas simply faded into the countryside and were ignored by the ravaging hordes.

Many mistake the Gigas for brutish warriors due to their immense size and physical stature.  In truth, they are a quiet, peace-loving people that mainly keep to themselves.  The Gigas are divided among several fiercely independent tribes, each having its own unique customs and rituals.  They are a proud people, and extremely protective of their territory.  Disputes are not uncommon, but such conflicts are never settled through combat.  To raise arms against a fellow Gigas, regardless of his or her tribal allegiance, is a grievous offense.  Any and all disputes are instead decided by challenges in which members from each side of the disagreement compete.  Disagreements between different tribes are often settled by champions chosen from the ranks of the tribes involved.  It is a great honor to be chosen as champion, as they are said to be the strongest, fastest and smartest of their generation, and friendly rivalries often spring up between those who pursue such an honor.  However, as events around them grow increasingly heated, the Gigas may have to put aside their differences and band together in order to survive the coming onslaught.  

Character Classes

The Norfolk Warriors have 6 character classes to choose from.  There are pros and cons to each choice and some character classes pair better with particular races.  However, there are no restrictions on your race/class combination.


Known for their unmatched physical prowess and comprehensive weapons proficiency, warriors are truly a force to be reckoned with.  


Their considerable knowledge of combat tactics and techniques extends beyond the field of battle, making them fantastic commanders that are capable of training and leading entire armies.  


A warrior's primary attribute is Strength.

When selecting skills for your Warrior, don't forget to give him/her access to at least one Active Skill like Healing or Scout.


A mage's strength lies in their keen mind and dynamic repertoire of spells.  Capable of unleashing awesome power both on and off the battlefield, the mage provides volatile combat options alongside immense strategic utility.  

As the mage's power grows, the mage can tailor her skills and spells to excel in whichever fields she so desires.


A mage's primary attribute is Intelligence.


Knaves are masters of stealth and subterfuge.  They make expert spies, thieves and deadliest assassins.  Using expert marksmanship, finely honed blade skills and a wide array of poisons, knaves strike from the shadows with lethal precision.  

A knave's primary attribute is either Dexterity or Charisma.


Bards are known for their profound patience and wisdom, their endless discipline and thirst for knowledge.  As skilled artisans and renowned scholars, they can provide enchantments to create powerful magic items.

Their strong understanding of magical elements also allows them to apply incredible corruptions to weapons and protections to armor.  

They are skilled with both Bows and Exotic weapons and make some of the best Trainers in the land.


A bard's primary attribute is Constitution.


Crafty and charismatic, swashbucklers provide a potent combination of worldly knowledge and exotic weapon proficiency.  

Having traveled far and wide in search of better business and new experiences, they have acquired a large variety of skills designed to gain them the upper hand in whatever sticky situation they may find themselves in.  


A swashbuckler's primary attributes are Dexterity and Wisdom


A priest's strengths and abilities are intricately linked to the tenants of their religion and the precepts of their god.  Every priest wields power through Faith and is often adept at the art of healing.  Beyond that, a priest's skill set is directly tied to his Deity and can vary greatly from that of a Priest in a different sect.

A priest's primary attribute is typically Wisdom.


The Veil of Entropy Universe has a diverse set of Deities ranging from Ancient Gods to Demi-Gods.

The Norfolk Warriors are devoted to 3 gods, namely Titan, Fenrir and Ymir.  Your characters can choose to follow any of these gods whether they are a Priest or not.  For non-priests, the primary reason for choosing one god over another is because of how Healing works.  When a Priest is healing another character, if that character is of the same religion as the priest, the power of the healing is significantly better.


One of the original Travelers, Titan is a being of nearly unlimited power.


After having been tricked by his two sons Ollin and Bael, Titan was imprisoned deep within the northern ocean beneath hundreds of feet of ice. 


Titan seethes with rage.  Fueled by his anger, Titan uses huge amounts of his essence to influence the world above and help his followers, whose ultimate goal is to release him from his frozen tomb.

Titan is known for his immeasurable strength, and his disciples are often recognizable by their immense physical stature and prowess in combat.

Freeing Titan will provide substantial boons.  Helping him to exact revenge on those that imprisoned him will come with rewards of immeasurable magnitude.


Ymir is a warrior elder among the Berrat race who is known for his shrewd and sensible leadership, as well as his many feats in battle.  


Such wisdom is rare in one strong enough to best a Great Yeti, so Ymir was chosen by Titan and granted tremendous power.  Armed with a Trident he crafted from the bones of the Great Yeti he vanquished, Ymir strives to free Titan.  


Ymir's followers aspire and train to reach the perfect balance between wisdom and strength, and hope to follow in his footsteps and aid him in releasing Titan.


As a young Berrat knave, Fenrir distinguished herself as a warrior with true talent and special inner strength when she defeated a Great White Wolf in single combat.  In doing so, she gained immense insight into the wolf's existence, as well as the ability to transform into a Great White Wolf herself.  


Wise beyond her years, Fenrir recognized that many others would try and follow her path, to devastating effect.  Fenrir permanently maintains her wolf form as a reminder to her people of the wolf's importance to their way of life.  Her followers strive to protect the revered animal, and learn from their Goddess' profound wisdom.   For those who prove themselves worthy, Fenrir offers special rewards including the ability to take the white wolf's form.

Chosen and blessed by Titan, she and her followers seek to release him from his prison.

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The Cohorts Game System is a rules-based game system designed to allow for the creation of turn based strategy games of any genre.

Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors is the first of the games to be created.



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