I'm Paul Mouchet, author of the Priest of Titan series.

My stories are Young Adult Fantasy, set in the mythical world of Orth in the Veil of Entropy universe.  Even though my stories are geared towards younger readers, adults will enjoy the deeper messages that are hidden amongst the action and adventure.

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Hammer of Titan

Priest of Titan ~ Book 3

Sweet 16 parties are not an option, when you're a priest of Titan.
Kit devastated by her friend's untimely journey, seeks comfort with her friends.
When a simple mission turns deadly, Kit depends on gifts bestowed upon her this very day.
Now, she finds herself in a position of authority, in an organization that she seeks to destroy.  Fortunately, she's got a shiny new dragon hammer at her disposal.


Hand of Titan

Priest of Titan ~ Book 2

Fates revealed, an enemy below, unexpected allies.

Kit, a freshly minted priest, steps into a plot that seeks to ruin the northern kingdoms.

When she discovers a secret, buried for millennia, Kit is forced into an impossible situation.

Now, unrelenting adversaries stand between Kit and her entombed god.  Defeating her enemies strengthens Kit’s resolve, preparing her to fulfil her destiny.

Call of Titan - eBook 600x900.jpg

Call of Titan

Priest of Titan ~ Book 1

Her faith is strong. Can it save the world?
Titan, the god of justice and retribution, has spent the last 3,000 cycles imprisoned deep beneath the waves of the northern seas. When embattled teen, Kit, accepts her position as a priest of Titan, it includes a vow to free her god, or die trying.
With Communities and lives in mortal peril, Kit is distracted from the near impossible mission to liberate Titan. Each day lost brings the world one step closer to annihilation.
Every quest Kit completes makes her stronger, more capable. Will they make her powerful enough to free her god? He is the key. Can she do it before the end of days?

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